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  • Carol Aranos

Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons – A Journey to Passion

Essential Joy Wellness Carol Aranos Lifestyle Photography for her Biography Blog with Background Story

I would venture to say that most everyone was handed some of life’s lemons in the year 2020. Me included! After nearly 25 years in corporate marketing and communications, I was out of a job.

Being positive and confident, I thought landing my next exciting position would be easy, until it wasn’t. Five months of resumes, rejections, interviews, and continual networking proved fruitless.

I was journaling one morning and suddenly on my heart were the words health coach…healing for mind, body, and soul. As the tears flowed, I realized that God had ignited a spark that had always existed but lay dormant for the past 25 years.

As someone who has always lived a healthy lifestyle, I realized how passionate I have always been about health and wellness. So, I decided to leap and join the threads of my background as a personal trainer, certified essential oil expert and MBA with the Health Coaching curriculum offered by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And so was born Essential Joy Wellness, the structure for my mission to empower change for better health and more joy.

My grandmother’s advice on success in life was ringing in my head as I worked to develop my new endeavor, which I thought I would share:

Tell the Truth – be honest with yourself. A practice I started as I was getting honest with myself is called The Artist’s Way - Morning Pages. This daily journaling gave me the ability to put things on paper that I may have never considered or would breathe to another living person. It was a safe space that enabled me to work through dreams, fears, challenges and realities. Some days were HARD – really hard – as I poured myself onto these sacred pages. In the end, being honest enabled me to laser focus on the dream laid on my heart – creating Essential Joy Wellness.

Work Hard – Although I am a glass is overflowing-kind of girl, putting the wheels in motion and tackling each new challenge to pursue this dream seemed daunting. School, tests, coaching circles, LLC, website, social media, and so much more. Each day I put one foot in front of the other to achieve the tasks at hand on my seemingly never-ending list. I learned to lean on my friends, family, and network for guidance and wisdom. And each night, I rejoiced with gratitude at the completion of the tasks at hand and for all of the individuals that guided me.

Never Ever Quit – I may have been called stubborn once or twice in my life, but clearly, I got it honestly. My journey has led me to form Essential Joy Wellness to empower others, like you, to change your story, live your best health and find more joy. Persistence is more than not giving up, it is accepting that the journey we are on is about progress and not perfection. Reframing this advice helped me see that sometimes we have to punch through the wall with grit and determination but much of the time it is about taking one baby step after then next. That doesn’t seem quite so hard.

I encourage you to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be, and live the life and health you truly desire.