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  • Carol Aranos

What Are Your AHA Moments in Life?

Carol Fastrich Aranos Health Coach sitting on Couch

When you look in the mirror, what is the reflection you see staring back at you? Do you automatically focus on the aspects of your body you don’t like, the extra pounds, or maybe the wrinkles that have been brought on by life? As you peer at the reflection, do you judge yourself harshly and link your self-worth according to what society dictates is beautiful? Are you exhausted trying to keep up with the unattainable standards placed upon you? You are not alone and YOU are why I became a health coach.

Age 54, unemployed and realizing how much my identity is linked to my career, heavier than ever, sagging everything, hot flashes, and…well, I’ll spare you the gorier details. You get where I am coming from. The crazy part is that I think I am doing the right things to be healthy but I realize that I am just barely hanging on.

Are you walking in my shoes right now? If so, my journey over the past 15 months has brought me to you. I’m about to share the good, the bad, and the ugly to reveal three ways to get healthy and change the perception of YOUR true beauty.

Nutrition vs Food

My diet isn’t as great as I think it is. I am living on granola bars and quick dinners to feed my busy family. With no job, I start cooking more and experimenting with new foods like kale, spinach, and avocado. I read about sugar and the staggering effect it has on all of your body functions.

I take a bold step and decide that I will create my own personal Sugar Challenge to reduce my sugar intake. I base it on the amount my body can process in 24 hours, which is only about 6-10 teaspoons. I read labels to discover added sugar and find that it is everywhere and hidden in plain sight. My focus turns to eating whole foods and avoiding anything from a package.

The real AHA moment comes as I realize that I am focused on food rather than nutrition. According to Read Biology, food is simply the sustenance we put into our body to meet our biological needs. Nutrition is using the components present in food for the growth and health of the individual. It hits me like a brick.

As I switch my focus to nutrition, I lose weight and start feeling better as my joints become less painful. I have more energy and my brain seems to be clearer and brighter. This combination helps me to see myself more fully.

Running Ragged vs Self Care

As a busy professional, wife, mom, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, I was trying to be all things to all people. And let me say, not doing great at any of it. Many nights, I found myself falling into bed exhausted from the obligations of the day. I was hurting emotionally, physically, and feeling like I was never quite good enough.

AHA number two exposes my lack of balance. Not only not thriving, but simply surviving.

Being healthy is taking care of ourselves first so we can be our best for others. When you are flying, the safety instructions tell you to put on your oxygen mask first and THEN assist others. Once I embraced this concept and incorporated guilt-free self-care, I was able to move toward better health for myself.

I started by taking five minutes in the morning with essential oils and meditative breath to start my day right – nothing extravagant – simply Taking Five to Thrive. I incorporated other practices into my routine like journaling, devotions, and hot baths. Most importantly, I was able to tackle the obligations coming my way with joy and peace rather than exhaustion and irritability.

Fitness vs Health

I’ve been passionate about health and wellness my entire life. I always felt healthy as I exercised regularly and was free from disease.

My final AHA was that being free from disease does not make us healthy. I had to undergo a massive shift in my perception of health. Health includes so many aspects other than just physical activity, like joy, relationships, spirituality, home environment, finances, creativity, education, health, home cooking, AND career. It was mind blowing to realize how unhealthy I really was.

As I selected a few of these categories, joy in particular. I concentrated on gratitude and seeing the beauty in even the dark places. We can

We cannot always choose the path that life gives us but we can decide how we react and whether we allow our emotions to control us. I allowed myself to feel and be ok as I worked through my job loss. One day, my tears subsided and I simply felt calm and peaceful and joyful. And I knew that my mission would be to help others find that peace and joy in their own lives. Over the next six months I studied for the credential that would allow me to fulfill my mission and I

became a certified health coach.

Health is ever-changing as is our journey. It is sometimes circuitous and we don’t always understand. We are sometimes in situations that we don’t really like or not the most positive for us. Ultimately, I believe everything works together for our good. It brings us to a point of showing us what are supposed to do to fulfill our mission in life and touch humanity.

Changing how you perceive your reflection is a manifestation of the love you have for yourself and how healthy you really are. My mission is to empower you to change for better health and more joy.

I'd love to hear your AHA moments, if you're open to a conversation over coffee, a walk or a simple phone call, you can contact me here.